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Green Journeys

Driving Sustainable Eco-Experiences with Yeap Transport

Green Journeys: Driving the Future

Yeap Transport is committed to reducing emissions and decarbonisation in support of the Singapore Green Plan 2030.


To achieve this, we have developed the Green Journeys programme, which aims to create an inclusive ecosystem where providers of eco-experiences and products can reach out to the stakeholder community in a sustainable and meaningful way.

We will be the green fleet that connects the school community with our partner network of eco experience providers.

Our Objective

Green Journeys aims to empower students as sustainability advocates.

From July 2023 to July 2024, we will collaborate with schools and students to learn, experience and apply sustainable practices, to implement actionable eco-projects in their schools and contribute to a more sustainable Singapore for future generations.

Why should you sign up?

A 3-Part Journey

1. Roving Exhibition

Embark on a captivating journey with our mobile showcase, as we bring our e-bus to your school! Participate in our roving exhibition on sustainable transportation, where education meets excitement through engaging, hands-on interactive learning experiences.

Our e-bus will rove to different schools. Students will engage in an interactive learning experience with:

  • Self-guided exhibition panels

  • AR content

  • Carbon calculator

  • Pledging to support green commuting

Tzu Chi Humanistic Youth Centre

2. Learning Journeys

Register for eco experiences provided by our eco-partners, Terra SG and Circular Asia.

Held at Tzu Chi Humanistic Youth Centre, the 1.5-hour learning journey includes:

  • Urban farming demo learning experience

  • Upcycling workshops

    • Plastic bottle self-watering planters

    • Fabric coaster mats

Boy watering microgreens

3. Interschool Eco Challenge

Students from participating schools who undergo the eco experience will take on the challenge of implementing the experience in their own school​.

  • The process and outcome will then be documented in a video submission as part of the Eco Challenge​

  • Rubrics include the environmental goals reached and impact created, how the project has contributed to sustainability in the school, creativity and video quality 

  • Videos will be uploaded to a YouTube channel where they will form a repository of resources for peer learning​

Schools must agree to participate in all three parts of the programme.

You have the freedom to choose the order that works best for you. For example, you can go on the learning journey to the youth centre first and have the exhibition at your school later.​

Download our slides deck to learn more about Green Journeys

Build students' knowledge through experiential learning

Spark students' active participation with creative engagement

Enhance your curriculum with practical real-world applications

Bring Green Journeys to your school today!

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Driving the Future Roving Exhibition


Green Journey with Terra SG

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