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Crew Training

Ensuring that students are safe for their daily commutes is the top priority of every school bus
operator. To do this, it is imperative to start with building a safety culture amongst the bus
operations staff that will cascade to the bus crew.

The first step in promoting an effective safety culture requires reducing risk which means identifying
where risk comes from, which behaviours are involved, and how to change them. Our comprehensive
learner-centric courses are targeted at various levels in school bus operations, with the key objectives to
develop knowledge and skills in various aspects of improving school bus safety.


  • Promoting Safety in the Bus Bay

  • Emergency Preparedness

  • Crisis Communication

  • Child Safeguarding


  • Demonstrate Service Vision

  • Your Role in Safety

  • Pre & Post Trip Responsibilities

  • In-Cabin Student Management

  • Child Safeguarding

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