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Interschool Eco Challenge

Interschool Eco Challenge

Students from participating schools who have gone on Green Journeys will take on the challenge of implementing the experience in their own schools.

  • The process and outcome will then be documented in a video submission as part of the Eco Challenge​

  • Rubrics include the environmental goals reached and impact created, how the project has contributed to sustainability in the school, creativity and video quality 

  • Videos will be uploaded to a YouTube channel where they will form a repository of resources for peer learning​


Judging Criteria

Note: Video documentaries should be no longer than 10 minutes

Judging Criteria.png


Primary School Category (ages 7 to 12)
awards pri_edited.png
Secondary School Category (ages 13 to 17)
awards sec_edited.png

For more information or enquiries regarding Green Journeys, please email to the following:

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