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About Us

Proudly serving with integrity & passion since 1979

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Our Mission

Yeap Transport’s mission is to be the best transport company in Asia Pacific. As a people-focused and data-driven service provider, we are proud to provide our clients with an end-to-end transportation management solution. Proactive and agile, we aim to be a leader in sustainable mobility solutions by integrating years of busing experience with the latest technologies to provide safe and seamless transportation to schools, organisations and the community.

Our Story

We have been serving many generations of students since 1979. Yeap Transport is constantly innovating to meet the evolving transportation needs while remaining steadfast in our commitment towards safety and reliability.

Our Values


Safety is our first and top priority in serving our clients and  community. Our crew and staff genuinely care for our customers and those who place their trust in us. Our team of service-providers and partners undergo regular training to stay abreast of safety measures and industry standards. Our bus fleet undergoes careful inspection and maintenance to operate in optimal conditions. As a member of the Asian Schools Institute for Safety & Security (ASISS), we are proud to share our best practices on safety and security annually with key stakeholders in the industry.  We strive to be the market leader in our sector by providing and advocating a safe and caring culture. 


We serve with integrity, we are values-driven and we take a collaborative approach with all our clients. As a trusted service-provider serving many premium schools, we pride ourselves on being punctual and reliable in meeting the transportation needs of all our clients. Each day only ends when all riders are accounted for and have been safely transported to their desired locations.


Data-driven and innovative in our approach to providing sustainable solutions to the community and environment, we invest in continuous R&D to develop better products and experiences. By leveraging new technologies in connecting our customers physically from one destination to the next, we deliver better service to all. Harnessing advanced telematics, our team is able to access real-time information on specific behaviours such as speeding, hard-braking, idling and sharp cornering, to prevent accidents, improve driver performance and achieve fuel optimisation. This is not just good for giving you peace of mind, it is good for the environment. 


We genuinely care about driving a sustainable future for you and your loved ones. Visit here to find out more

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