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Yeap Transport's New Brand Identity

We have officially launched our new brand identity! This rebranding effort is a culmination of months of study and effort that everyone contributed towards. The new logo, tagline, website and look and feel reflect how we evolved and the road we wish to take in the near future.

Through the support of Enterprise Singapore and Verity Consulting, we have emerged with a new corporate identity which we wish to inform you about. The refreshed logo and brand style are aligned to our brand values and future directions. From the school bus icon that has represented our company since 1979, the logo has been re-designed to be more professional and dynamic-looking. We have retained the same yellow colour, which connotes safety and caution in transport. At the same time, we have changed our tagline from “Carrying the future” to “Driving the future”. This is to accentuate our proactive stance in pivoting towards sustainable mobility and innovation yet retaining our core service in transporting the next generation, our future.

Rest assured, our core beliefs and values have not changed. We remain committed to safety, reliability and innovation while caring for our riders. These are our beliefs, and these are what continue to drive us to be better.



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