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Yeap Transport Press Releases & Media Mentions

Featured on SG Green Plan's blog and Ministry of Sustainability and the Environment's Facebook page

As a recipient of the SG Eco Fund grant, YT aims to revolutionise school transportation by introducing electric buses for cleaner and greener commutes. We're committed to educating future generations about the importance of being green and why it matters. This is how our Green Journeys programme begun with the help of the SG Eco Fund!

Read the blog post here.

MSE Facebook post here.


Press Release: Yeap Transport's Green Journeys Aims to Empower Students to Adopt More Sustainable Transport and a Greener Lifestyle

Green Journeys is dedicated to raising awareness about the myriad benefits of e-buses within school communities, targeting students, parents, and educators. The initiative aims to establish a cohesive ecosystem by collaborating with sustainable organizations and providers of eco experiences. This ecosystem will enable schools to easily connect with partners, providing students with valuable knowledge and hands-on learning opportunities related to eco-friendly transportation. The introduction of our e-buses will serve as a crucial green link in this educational effort. Notable partners supporting this initiative include Lenovo Singapore, Shell, Terra SG, Circular Asia, Nanyang Tech, and more.

Read the press release here.


Featured on CNA Heart of the Matter

Yeap Transport was invited to share about school bus industry woes. Synopsis: Cancelled contracts, a critical lack of drivers and spiralling costs. Parents, schools and bus companies are now caught in a jam, with questions on how to ferry our primary school children. How will the challenges in the school bus system play out? Steven Chia sits down with Adrian Yeap, CEO of bus company Yeap Transport , Alvina Chin, from MUMs for Life and Darry Lim, spokesman from the Singapore School Transport Association.

Learn more here.


Featured on Lianhe Zaobao on Singapore Carbon Emissions and Policy, Decarbonisation Efforts and Sustainability

Yeap Transport's story on how we moved towards sustainability and decarbonisation was covered in a Zaobao interactive article.

Read more here.


Featured on SkillsFuture Singapore as a Recipient of the SkillsFuture Employer Awards

We are truly honoured to be recognised by SkillsFuture Singapore for our training efforts to upskill our mature workforce comprising our employees and those of our sub-contractors.

Yeap Transport has benefitted from the support provided, such as the SkillsFuture Enterprise Credit, which helped to defray the training courses. Being awarded the SkillsFuture Employer (Silver) Award 2022 has strengthened our commitment to building a lifelong learning culture within the organisation so that every team member can be upskilled and remain relevant to the changing needs of our industry!

Check out the SSG feature here.


Featured on Minister Grace Fu's Instagram Stories


Featured on Shin Min Daily News: Fuel prices soar to 60%, Singapore bus drivers switch careers

The challenges of being in a school bus industry, namely rising costs of fuel, fees, an ageing population, and labour shortages were highlighted in this article. To counter these issues, Yeap Transport is working hard to attract and retain fresh talent and increase our drivers' wages.

Read the full article here.


Featured on Shin Min Daily, Lianhe Zaobao, and The Straits Times: Sustainability Outreach Dialogue @ Toa Payoh HDB Hub

Yeap Transport CEO Adrian Yeap was invited to be a panellist for a sustainability outreach dialogue at Toa Payoh HDB Hub in October 2022.

Together with the Minister of Sustainability and the Environment Grace Fu, senior programme director of 96.3 Hao FM Carine Ang, and Environmental Sustainability Manager for Buddhist Compassion Relief Tzu-Chi Foundation (Singapore) Susan Tan, they discussed pertinent topics such as the concept of net zero, the driving forces behind Yeap Transport's green transition and challenges that came with it, and support avenues for businesses keen on making a green transition.

Read more about this here.


Featured on Smartcom for Push-To-Talk Solutions

Under this solution, Yeap Transport will be using Smartcom’s TASSTA Certified Mission Critical Push-to-Talk (MCPTT) island-wide solution along with Samsung’s PTT devices while being further secured by Samsung’s Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution, Samsung Knox.

Yeap Transport will use the Samsung smart devices with in-built PTT for its bus crew and operations staff in its five decentralised command centres. Its purpose is to facilitate real-time coordination between bus drivers, bus monitors, and operators to ensure the timeliness and prevention of buses from arriving or departing simultaneously. School buses can then enter and leave the bus bays without facing congestion. In addition, the solution enables the bus monitors to report any incidents on the bus along its journey, allowing the operations staff to respond promptly.

Read the article here.


Featured in The Red Dot Programme on YT sustainability initiatives

Yeap Transport was interviewed by Hao FM’s The Red Dot programme (Episode 5) on our sustainability initiatives to support Singapore’s Green Plan 2030. We hope to help drive sustainability practices in the transport sector, such as the adoption of electric buses.

Listen to the interview here.


Featured by Samsung as a Case Study for Digital Transformation

Transform smart transportation with industry-grade Samsung Galaxy rugged devices, and enhance school bus safety & worker productivity through Knox management solutions. Learn more about how Samsung empowered Yeap Transport on its digital transformation journey.

Watch the video here.


Featured by Volvo Buses Global on Safety

Maintaining business continuity in this new normal where Covid-19 is endemic means that we must drive towards innovation and learn to be agile. Whilst we strive to upgrade our fleet management system and hardware and push for sustainable transportation, one thing remains constant. And that is our commitment to safety. We have to ensure that safety remains of paramount importance to everyone, from the management to the transport managers to the crew.

A big thank you to Volvo Singapore for validating our efforts in maintaining safety standards. As a manufacturer of premium buses, Volvo’s additional safety features coupled with its advanced telematics and geo-fencing technology, make it a partner of choice when it comes to school bus services.

We look forward to exploring more opportunities with Volvo in future.

Read the article here.


Featured on Lianhe Zaobao: Automobile Association of Singapore "Safe Speed, Save Lives" Campaign

The Annual Traffic Statistics 2021 by the Traffic Police have shown that speeding-related accidents and fatalities in Singapore have increased by 28% in 2021. In 2020, there were 279 buses involved in fatal and injury road accidents.

At Yeap Transport Pte Ltd we are always mindful of the responsibility we hold as we carry the future in our school buses. As such, we are honoured to be a partner of the Automobile Association of Singapore (AAS) in launching the “Safe Speed, Save Lives” campaign hosted at UWC South East Asia Dover Campus.

Together with AAS, we hope to instil and inculcate a sense of ownership in our bus drivers to reduce the number of injuries and fatalities through advocating safe driving behaviours among this group. The decals on our buses serve to remind our drivers to keep to a safe speed limit of 30 km/h in key zones. This will ensure the safety and well-being of our young passengers and reduce speed-related accidents to save more lives.


Yeap Transport as a Recognised Industry Thought Leader in Bus Fleet Management & Transportation Safety

6 Apr 2022 - Adrian as a guest speaker by ASEAN Business Alliance (Perth Chapter), Commonwealth Bank of Australia and WRAYSon “Digital Transformation – Innovation for the New Normal”.


28 Mar 2022 - Enterprise SG’s EV Roundtable Forum with PTT (Thailand). Yeap Transport is one of 5 companies shortlisted by Enterprise SG for participation at the EV Roundtable Forum with Thailand’s PTT Group, moderated by Mr Terence Siew of EVAS.


23–24 Feb 2022 - Sharing on Yeap Transport’s sustainability plans Department of Science and Technology (DST) - Confederation of Indian Industries (CII) India-Singapore Technology Summit. Read more here.


20 Jan 2022 - Sharing at “How to Manage Strong Comprehensive Cloud Security Posture”, Cyber Observer & Tech Direct.


19 Dec 2021 - Guest Speaker at Ministry of Transport & Automotive Association Singapore “Share The Road Seminar”.

Oct 2021 - SME Speaker on sustainability for Singapore Transports & Logistics Insights Series by Enterprise Singapore Board.


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