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Yeap Transport wins the Team of the Year – Transportation award at the SBR Management Excellence Awa

In recognition of our team’s effort in pulling together the proposal and winning the tender for United World College’s (UWC) Bus Service within a challenging 2-week timeline, Singapore Business Review has conferred Yeap Transport with the Team of the Year Award in the transportation category of its Management Excellence Awards 2021.

More than 40 companies were recognised in the 7th edition of the awards, to celebrate the initiatives of executives and leadership of company management in the midst of adversity and overcoming challenges.

For Yeap Transport, the UWC tender called for a comprehensive proposal on sustainability and improvements in productivity, punctuality, and service. Drawing on the cross-departmental expertise (Operations, Business Development, IT, Finance and HR) within the company to scope the service delivery terms, our team’s winning proposal allowed us to swiftly meet the needs of our client within the tight turnaround time of 2 weeks during the Chinese New Year period.

The winning bid has since enabled us to pivot collectively towards a journey of innovation and sustainability. Not only have we enhanced our integrated Yeap Transport Management System (YTMS) with advanced data analytics to improve productivity, punctuality and service levels, we have also kick-started our sustainability initiatives. These include minimising bus engine idling time, progressive acquisition of Euro 6 buses to replace older and more polluting buses, dynamic routing to ensure most efficient routing to save fuel and time, moving our operations towards paperless administration and piloting of electric buses.

In addition, we set up Yeap Transport training arm to equip our bus crew with the relevant skills to be digitally savvy to use our apps to improve productivity. Through our learning management system, the crew can also be continuously upskilled by accessing the latest safety and service courses through mobile learning.

We are indeed honoured to receive this award from SBR and will continue to strive towards realising our goal of charting the future of innovative and sustainable mobility.

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