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Taxi Reimbursement for Singapore American School Parents

20 August 2023

Dear Parents,


We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused by the interruption of the school bus service, impacting your child/children's transportation to and from school. We are adding additional capacity each week and have inked sufficient contracts to ensure that all routes will have a bus assigned by 18 September. Naturally, we are working with our associates to begin the services earlier subject to the bus drivers being familiar with the routes to operate them safely.  We appreciate that you may not want to continue waiting for the transport service with us and we will arrange to refund you in full without any need for a notice period too.

We have 6 additional medium size buses joining the fleet tomorrow to help alleviate the challenges.  Unfortunately, the changes to some routes will result in a change of bus parking lots and bus routes, all of which will have an impact on the bus journey times.  The school administrators have kindly stepped in to assist us during this period and we are working together to minimise any delays this week.

We understand that many of you had to make alternate transportation arrangements, and we will be providing reimbursement for the incurred expenses as follows:


For Grab/Taxi Claims:

Submit 2-way claims if you are riding to and from the campus

Submit 1-way claim if your child/children had ridden to campus alone


For Parents Driving Their Children to School:

Reimbursement capped at $30.00 for total two-way trips.


Claim Submission:

  • Kindly submit your claims on a weekly basis, by the end of each Friday.

  • Please indicate your Child’s bus number, your PayNow or bank transfer details for reimbursement.

  • Please allow us up to 14 working days to process and make the payment.


Submission Process:

  • Utilize our Zoho Form for submissions, selecting the "Taxi Reimbursement" category.

  • Attach your taxi receipts if you have them.

  • For parents driving their children, indicate “self-driving” in the Description field, specifying the days of the week.

Kindly take note that reimbursement of any alternative transportation arrangements is subject to review and approval.


We deeply appreciate your cooperation in this process as we work to ensure a smooth reimbursement for the incurred expenses. Your understanding during this time is invaluable to us.


Thank you for your continued support.

Adrian Yeap




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