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Day 1: Let's Get Our Hands Dirty!

  • Enjoy a multi-sensory tour of the Edible Garden City farm.

  • See, touch and smell plants and cute critters like friendly insects.

  • Pick up tips and tricks of gardening.

  • Develop confidence in the great outdoors.

Day 2: Composting and Nature Art

  • Make their own organic compost using food waste.

  • Become a scientist or artist for the day.

  • Discover beauty in nature.

  • Learn the cycle of life on a farm - from seed to flower to dried leaves to new life.

Day 3: Farm to Table to Tummy

  • Go on a treasure hunt to harvest ingredients

  • Excite their palates with healthy teas and spring rolls, all made from scratch.

  • Learn the recipes for delicious treats.

  • Learn the value of sharing with friends and communities.


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This year-end school holidays, let your kids discover the joys of outdoor exploration and sow seeds for a lifetime of nature appreciation with Edible Garden City's 3 Half Days CAMP Junior Urban Farmer Holiday Programme! They will also get to take home the plants and crafts from the activities, to continue the learning journey beyond the workshop.

(3 Half Days) CAMP Junior Urban Farmer Holiday Programme.png
(3 Half Days) CAMP Junior Urban Farmer Holiday Programme.png

10% Off Edible Garden City's Holiday Camps

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