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Eco Solutions

Driving the future of sustainable mobility



In support of  Singapore’s Green Plan 2030 on sustainable development, Yeap Transport is committed to fight climate change by moving towards being a carbon-neutral company. As one of the first private transport operators to introduce electric buses in Singapore, Yeap Transport is pioneering the move towards deploying zero-emission buses. For schools and companies that are also working towards reducing their carbon footprint, engaging our e-bus service will be a positive move towards contributing to a more eco-friendly transport solution.

Since 2003, Yeap Transport has been driving towards a sustainability model by using the latest Euro 6 buses that emit the lowest NOx and PM2.5. We are also the only sizeable private fleet with over 50% of our buses below 10 years old. By aggressively managing bus idling time, we strive to cut down on emissions in the bus bay.  

With the deployment of our fleet management solutions, we have become a greener company by cutting down on pen and paper processes. This digital transformation has also enabled us to optimise our routing, reduce the number of buses on the road and thereby lowering overall emissions. Advanced telematics also helps us to monitor driver behaviour and vehicle idling times, providing us with visibility to manage areas which contribute to Greenhouse Gas Emissions. 

We welcome partnerships and collaborations with like-minded companies and organisations to work towards sustainable transportation solutions. 

Read more about our sustainability initiatives here.

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