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Bus Management System

Driving the future

Bus Fleet Management System

Driven by innovation and the passion to improve productivity, we embarked on our digital transformation journey in 2001 and launched Yeap Transport Management System (YTMS). YTMS is an ecosystem connecting schools, bus operations, bus crew, parents and riders. It comprises a command centre system, administrative modules and mobile apps, which incorporate GPS satellite tracking, RFID technology and telematics. YTMS takes away the hassle in school bus management and ensures that administrators have complete overview and control in real-time, over their bus fleet.

As a cloud-based SaaS solution now, YTMS can be quickly and easily deployed without hefty investments in hardware or maintenance costs. Our end to end solution functions seamlessly and ensures that you will always have the vital information you need to respond to parents and schools.

Feature and Benefits

Administrators and Bus Owners

  • Route planning and optimisation

  • Customised reporting including CRM and Finance modules

  • Integration with schools' and bus owners' databases

  • Attendance capturing

  • Real-time tracking

  • Advanced telematics on driving behaviour, geo-fencing and more

  • Bus crew mobile app for attendance-taking, emergency reporting and pastoral issues

  • Comprehensive training


  • Parent App available in iOS and Android versions

  • Access bus details, pick-up and drop-off locations

  • View schedules for next 3 days

  • Monitor children's location on bus in real-time for active rides

  • View bus crew profiles and rate crew's service

  • Notify bus office of children's absence

  • View payment status

  • View exclusive deals and offers

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